The Workbook Series

The Coche Center, LLC, has developed a series of workbooks to educate the public about interpersonal expertise. Topics range from couples to money management and more:
    • The Couples Communications Workbook: "I Know You Think You Understand What You Think I Said but I'm Afraid What You Heard is Not What I Really Mean" (5th Ed.): A workbook for couples which highlights the latest research about how to couple effectively and teaches intimacy and negotiating skills. Includes many exercises for couples.

    • Skillful Loving: The Intimacy and Sexuality Workbook for Couple: This workbook teaches couples the sexuality intimacy loop and discusses love play and the sexual engine. Includes many exercises for couples.
    • M aking Dollars into Sense: A Workbook for Couples: Through exercises on your financial personality, finanacial synergy, and what money isand what it is for,  this workbook teaches a financial intimacy loop enabling couples to negotiate skillfully about the meaning of money.
    • T he Therapy Dog Primer : Prepared with assistance from Sabina Hower, therapy dog trainer, this workbook leads owners through the nature of the canine human bond, the power of the therapy dog, and how to optimize the use of a dog as a therapeutic assistant.
    • Navigating Coupling for the Successful Single Adult: Through exercises and literature reviews, this workbook teaches single adults how to think about coupling successfully.

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