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Academic Teaching & Training
If you are a student or professional looking to learn more about clinical training, internships, supervision, or group co-leadership, there is some helpful information below.

Student Internships
The postgraduate internship program at the Coché Center, LLC began in 1987 and has been an integral part of our practice ever since. The program is directed by Judith Coche, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Barter for Service: The internship is an "even" trade: learning and experience for service and supervision. No money changes hands.

Duration: Internship contracts usually run between early September and early August. Monthly hours vary between 10 and 40 and internships last one to two years. Two-year training programs are suggested to maximize professional development.

Supervision: Interns are provided with individual supervision as needed.

Co-Lead Opportunities: Interns are able to become co-leads for group therapy groups, with Judith Coché, Ph.D. (A.B.P.P, F.A.G.P.A.). The center provides group specializations in short and long term group psychotherapy for both individual adults and couples.

Accreditation: The internship meets certification training requirements for many professionals.

Application Process: In order to apply, applicants need to have or be working on a M.A., M.S.W., R.N., Ph.D., or M.D. and a high level of motivation to learn group psychotherapy. Applicants are evaluated on their level of experience, motivation to excel, and potential in contributing as a group therapist.

Applicants need to submit the following information: a current C.V. and a letter of intent indicating the function of the internship in their career development. Send application and questions to
[email protected] or call (215) 731-1908.

Onsite Professional Training
Training at the Coché Center for students and colleagues in the mental health profession began in 1975. In the past twenty years, Dr. Judith Coché and staff have presented more than 300 courses and workshops for colleagues, students, clients, and the business community.

Workshops: Workshops and courses are held regularly and discussion and lecture topics tailored to the needs of the attendees. Each course varies in length, from a half-day to extended full day sessions. Locations vary from academic to vacation destinations.

Supervision: Dr. Judith Coché has practiced psychotherapy and clinical supervision with both male and female psychotherapists for over twenty years. She is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology, and a licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and a certified Clinical Supervisor in Family and Couples Psychotherapy from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a Certified Group Psychotherapist, a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and of the Human Services Center of the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists.

The Flavor of Learning: A variety of didactic and experiential, verbal, and non verbal, serious and lighthearted moments create an atmosphere for change and learning at many different levels. Handouts, videotape material, demonstrations, and sharing create a powerful grid for both quick insights and cemented change.

Topics Available: Due to Dr. Coche's range of interests and expertise, topics vary widely and can be adapted to the learner's needs. Here are some common areas of interest:
Individual Psychotherapy and Supervision Issues
Couples and Family Psychotherapy Training
Couples Psychotherapy Training
The Business of Practice
Adult Education
Use of Dogs as a Therapeutic Assistant

Helping Egyptians Pursue Happiness?  Global Tips for 2017
Coche Herald series, Jan 2017

See photo, permission for use by owner, Alef bookstores.

I have just returned from Egypt, where I have given three talks in Alef bookstore branches in Cairo and Alexandria, 6-7 PM, January 17, 18 and 19 in the affluent neighborhoods of Kair Abdo, Mohandissin, and Maadi ( )   A sign announcing the topic as “The Pursuit of Happiness, was posted in compact, multi-level bookstores where 65 English speaking people ages 15 through 65, made their way to hear and to learn.  A printed sign invites the public to address, “What do you think happiness is?”  It states that the talks are jointly sponsored by Alef Bookstores and EAGT, Egyptian Association of Group Therapies’ and Processes. It asks that you consider:

  1. How many hours a day do you feel happy?
  2. Are you happiest alone or with those you love?
  3. Do you know what robs you of feeling happy?  What is it?
  4. How would you like to feel happier in 2017

I have spoken to the public before, but never in Egypt. I was a twitter with excitement and curiosity. Who would give up dinner hour to make their way up flights of stairs to attend this talk in English? What would motivate them to come? How many would attend? How old would they be? How much would they know about the science of positive psychology, the newest star in the galaxy of optimal living?

Traffic in Alexandria can be wicked around dinner hour, and I was totally embarrassed to appear 20 minutes late on January 17, 2017. Discouraged at my assumption that all would have given up on me, I maneuvered the narrow, winding staircase and was enthusiastically greeted by 40 people squashed into a tiny space on the third floor. Bright and motivated, they had question after question, relevant and astutely stated in clear and sophisticated English. Graduates of American University in Cairo and other universities, they were hungry to learn.

Together, we summarized gathered answers to the questions, not only from them, but from two audiences on the two next evenings. These results are from a total of 75 educated Egyptians, ages 15 to 65.

  1. Most felt actively happy at least 3 hours daily, but many felt happiness at least 6 hours a day.
  2. They were three times happier with others than alone, though some mentioned reading, running, knitting as solitary activities that produced happiness within.
  3. They do know what robs them of happiness. Some reasons revolve around stress, most specifically, packing too much in a day to allow time to feel happy, or inadequate sleep.  But a sense of social isolation was as frequent a cause of unhappiness: feeling alone and lonely is a large problem for some.
  4. They are ready to feel happier in 2017 and agreed to commit to making 5 very brief and easily constructed happy moments in their day. The research tells us that we can make ourselves happier if we construct moments of pleasure in our days.  They were delighted to learn that it is easy to construct these moments if one makes time for them.  Some ideas they thought of included a hot bubble bath, a candle in a scent they enjoy, a 10 minute walk to refresh after a long day, time with those they love spent in easy activities.

Fortunately, for the last talk, the major Cairo newspaper, Al Ahram Weekly, sent Mai Samih, a sophisticated English speaking reporter with astute questions on how to be happier. She plans an article online and in print, about increased happiness in 2017. Word should reach many readers.
In the final analysis, what do we know about making ourselves happier in 2017?

  • Happiness is a collection of happy moments. If you begin to see yourself as someone who expects to feel happy, you can engineer this.
  • As Dr. Christopher Peterson tells us, “ Other people matter”, and those you love matter most
  • Happiness results when you touch someone you love, both physically and emotionally.
  • So this year, join our Egyptian neighbors and create happiness for yourself. I can just about guarantee that you’ll be glad you did!

To Consider: Name five simple things that can increase your daily happiness. Now, will you make time for them?  Why or why not?

To Read: Dr Christopher Peterson, Pursuing the Good Life. 2013 Oxford University Press.

To explore: Dr Martin Seligman and colleagues,

Originally published in the column “Making Life Work” for The Cape May County Herald, .   Photo by permission of owner, Alef Bookstores
( )

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