How We Think

How We Think: 4 Fundamental Concepts

Optimal Life Development

Helping clients live their best lives is the goal for personal and interpersonal work at The Coche Center.  For some clients, deep personality changes enable life transformations in love and career that afford happiness previously denied.  Other clients focus on finishing touches: many clients are successful in 85% of their lives, but desperately want to change the other 15%.  Most clients determine to change as needed in order to live the life they’ve dared to dream.  Interpersonal couples work benefits not only the marriage partners, but also creates choices for the partners’ children and grandchildren.

Cognitive Psychotherapy

Long before his name was known, Dr. Judith Coche selected Dr. Aaron Beck for an award.  She correctly predicted that Dr. Beck would go on to make a significant contribution in Psychiatry.  Dr. Beck may well be the most important Psychiatrist of the 20 th century.  Using novel thinking derived from Human Learning Theory, Cognitive Psychotherapy teaches people to retrain the way they think, enabling billions of individuals to live more fruitful lives.  Long-time teaching colleagues of Dr. Beck at the University of Pennsylvania, the Coche’s required that all depressed clients incorporate Cognitive Psychotherapy into their treatment.  Currently, modestly priced teaching modules train these skills, providing a foundation for depth work.

Making Life Work: Psychoeducational Skill-building

Making life work is less a matter of luck or money, and more a matter of applying principles of optimal life development.  Centered on the vision of bringing the best of clinical psychology to the public, The Coche Center defines its job as teaching clients skills in financial management, active listening, assertiveness training, business negotiation, anxiety reduction, career advancement.  Borrowing from the physical fitness industry’s goal to help people work out, The Coche Center’s goal is to help people develop and maintain emotional fitness by teaching them how to “work in.”  Workbooks and workshops center around topics like “Making dollars into sense, a couples workbook on intelligent financial thinking”; “Skillful Loving, the intimacy and sexuality workbook for couples,” “Navigating Coupling for the Single Adult,” “The Families of Wealth Financial Education Workbook,” “A Therapy Dog Training Manual,” and “The Happiness Workbook.”

Teaching Colleagues to Fish

Part of the vision that the public deserves to know the best in mental health has been to provide written venues for people to read in their spare time.  Committing one’s ideas to writing creates a professional and ethical accountability that allows clients and students to track treatment techniques over time.  The Coche Center has produced three academic books, 70+ academic journal articles, as well as ongoing preparation for a 25-hour course given to all Psychiatric residents at the Medical School of The University of Pennsylvania.  Professional presentations center on topics within the areas of child development, adoption, group dynamics, group psychotherapy, divorce prevention, life-long marriage, couples group psychotherapy, second adulthood and optimal life development.

Written work for general readers and clients has included over fifty interviews with the press on topics of Psychological significance.  These interviews have appeared in national magazines and newspapers, as well as locally.  A newspaper column geared toward educating the public about the best of mental health, titled “Making Life Work, is in its sixth running year at the Cape May County Herald.

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