How Much Do You Know? Some Sample Exercises

Sample Exercises: Some Selections from Our Workbooks

Marriage: A Historical Perspective

Marriage has served different functions in Western civilization over the last 3,000 years. From the fields of sociology and anthropology of the family, we learn that, since the turn of the 20th century, people have begun to think differently about marriage. Here's your chance to think about how people's attitudes towards what defines a successful marriage have changed.

Exercise: Complete the following sentences:

1. The function of marriage before 1900 was:
2. The function of marriage since 1900 has been:

How do we Work Sexually?
Did you ever try to repair a car without really understanding how to do it? You aren’t very successful, are you? The same is as true for maintaining a human being as it is for repairing a car. It is impossible to maximize sexual pleasure without understanding the desire and arousal cycle that all human beings have in common with one another. Although most all of us assume (falsely) that we know well enough what desire and arousal signify, these processes are much more complicated than we might first believe.

Each of us experiences 5 phases of response when we are sexually stimulated. In order of occurrence, these phases are:

is for desire
A is for arousal
V is for vasocongestion
O is for orgasm
S is for satisfaction

Exercise: Give your working definition of what each word means to you. Compare your response to the response of your partner. Finally, consult the appendix to learn the answers from the experts.
1. Desire means to me...
2. Arousal means to me...
3. Vasocongestion means to me...
4. Orgasm means to me...
5. Satisfaction means to me...

Making Sense of Your Money!
Certified Financial Planners are individuals, often accountants or investment/ insurance professionals, with special training in the process of assisting with solid financial planning and money management. They are trained to take individuals or couples step-by-step through the maze of making good sense of their financial present and future.

Look at the steps below, and try to identify which belong to the financial planning process.

  • Developing and presenting to the couple, solid financial recommendations based on their own individual financial picture. Gathering data about your monies, including your goals for your own future and financial well being.

  • Giving you tips about which stocks are best for you.

  • Helping you put into action the recommendations made about your financial picture.

  • Doing maintenance work on the recommendations made to make sure they are carried out.

  • Giving you ideas on how to spend more of your money.

Now that you have selected the steps you believe to be legitimate in the financial planning process, click below to compare your answers to what the experts have to say.

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