creating lifelong connection between couples

Dr. Judith Coche conducted a professional weekend workshop in Egypt on 13th-15th jan 2017. The workshop was three days and covered the following topics:

Mastering couples therapy

What is interpersonal architecture and how do we use it?

Introduction to couples therapy

Introduction to working with individuals in couples, group and couples’ group psychotherapy

How are the treatment modalities of couples and individual therapy similar and different?

Become a couples communication coach!

Skills that we need to coach couples to success

Communication exercises to use with couples

A clinicians’ guide to marital assessment and therapy

A clinician’s roadmap for assessing couples

How do we do marital assessment?

Role play of a couple doing intake with dr. Judith

Reflections for clinical practice

Second day: saturday 14th january

Deepening expertise in marital psychotherapy: couples group psychotherapy

A clinician’s guide to couples group psychotherapy

The structure of couples group psychotherapy (cgp)

How to contract members for couples group psychotherapy

A role play of a couple doing intake for cgp with dr. Judith

Being a couples group psychotherapist

Large group exercise- common conflicts among couples

Transforming lives and families through couples group therapy

How can we transform lives and marriages with the power of the group?

What is the required training to be couples group psychotherapist?

third day: sunday 15th january

Treating complex individual concerns of coupled and single adults

The power of love

The innate power of love in our lives to create meaning and provide happiness

The role of positive psychology in treating couples and individuals

Use of the self of the therapist: modeling honest and informed caring in successful human relationships.

Loneliness as part of single life and as part of marriage

How can we help families learn to love skillfully?

How skillful loving love can build strong step families

Why is love so powerful in the lives of individuals, couples and families?

Therapeutic skill in work with human sexuality

Work with human sexuality requires skill in treating human intimacy

Teaching clients to touch one another emotionally and physically

The impact of enhancing intimacy and sexuality on stress, depression, loneliness and anxiety

A summing up of the workshop

Place : dr. Yehia el rakhawy hopotal, moqattam


Friday13 jan: 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday & sunday 14&15 : 9 am to 4:30 pm

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