Books & DVDs

Books & DVDs

The Coché Center, LLC has been involved in academic publishing for over 20 years. In addition to academic journal publications, the center has also produced books and DVDs. Below are some of the highlights:

Couples Group Psychotherapy
Coche, J., Coche E. (1990). Couples Group Psychotherapy . Philadelphia: Brunner Mazel.
Drs. Judith and Erich Coché . Pioneering model of psychotherapy for couples in groups. Published  shortly before Dr. Erich Coché's untimely death in 1991, the text forms the foundation for the couples groups at The Coché Center, LLC.

Techniques in Couples Group Psychotherapy DVD (Coche & Coche, 1990, Brunner Mazel)

This 45 minute color training video highlights live group work for 4 couples led by Drs. Erich and Judith Coché. It is  a classic in professional training.

Powerful Wisdom (Nevels & Coche, 1993, Norton Press)
Coche, J.; Nevels, L. (1993). Power Wisdom . New York: Norton Press.
Drs. Laureen Nevels and Judith Coché . What constitutes the powerful wisdom of the senior female mental health professional? This clinical research study of 192 distinguished female clinical psychologists provides answers. For more information, go to publisher Jossey-Bass .

Couples Group Psychotherapy: A Clinical Treatment Model (2nd Ed) (Coche, 2010, Routledge)
Coche, J. (2010). Couples Group Psychotherapy: A Clinical Treatment Model, 2 nd Ed. New York: Routledge.
Based on 25 years of clinical work and research with outpatient couples groups, this text offers therapists tools for leadership and practice development. The book combines tenets of individual personality development, family systems theory, and group psychotherapy theory, forming conceptual framework incorporating strengths of all three. Clinicians can learn to use this framework to treat individual clients, assess the group’s progress, and  understand the evolving relationship between participating couples. The model is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to address the needs of diverse communities and uncommon settings ,harnessing the best of both family and group psychotherapy. Clinicians will come away from this book with a significantly enhanced skills set and a broadened understanding of how to treat couples effectively.

The Poswer of Couples Group Psychotherapy ( Coche, 2014, AGPA )
Coche, J. ( 2014 ).
The Poswer of Couples Group Psychotherapy. AGP A
Working with colleagues acting as the parts of group members, this entertaining and fascinating DVD draws you into the story of four couples and the first hour of their treatment with Dr. Judith Coche. The structure of the initial session is clarified by Dr. Coche's vocal explanation. Watching this DVD provides needed tools to successfully small groups of coupled clients in rebuilding troubled intimate partnerships and in creating life long coupled satisfaction

The Husands & Wives Club: A Year in the Life of A Couples Psychotherapy Group (Abraham, 2010, Simon & Schuster)
Abraham, L. (2010). The Husbands and Wives Club: A Year in the Life of a Couples Therapy Group. New York: Touchstone.
Between 2006-2008 journalist Laurie Abraham sat in with five troubled couples as they underwent the searing process of group marriage therapy. Published as “Can This Marriage Be Saved,” the resulting article generated intense reader response. While space limitations allowed Abraham to focus only on one couple in her article, this book, which grew out of it and the reaction it inspired, tells the moving, fascinating story of all five. This book also examines our knowledge about marriage and reviews the promise and the limits of couples therapy.
For more information, please visit Laurie Abraham's site or Simon & Schuster Publisher

Your Best Life: Pathways to Happiness (Coche, 2013, Optimal Life Press).
In honor of the 35th Anniversary of The Coche Center, Dr. Coche organized 25 of her columns from the Cape May County Herald ( She created a thin volume of essays designed to help you understand and live your best life. Drawing from her knowledge of from positive psychology, she creates pathways to personl and inner personal happiness.

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