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Welcome to The Coché Center, L.L.C.

Would you like to make an appointment? Below is information on how to get started and some things to expect, for more in depth explanations please click on the Policies & Procedures tab. Please review our policies .

Initial Consultation: The first time we meet, we start by discussing how best to provide you with services you request. The initial consultation is 90 minutes. The goal is to answer your questions, understand your needs, and plan the next steps in the treatment process.

Forms: In the "Policies & Procedures" section of the website (
policies ), you will find forms to fill out and return to us electronically for entrance into our database and financial system. These are for your safety and professional care. Filling these out before you come saves you time once here, however these forms can also be provided at the time of your initial consultation.

Payment: Payment is at point of service. Electronic invoicing is done after services are recorded. 90% of our clients use credit cards. 10% use checks. The credit card form is in our "Policies & Procedures" page. You can email or call it in, as you prefer. It gets entered in our secure system and is used only for services as agreed upon by both the therapist and client.

Charge for the first meeting is different than other meetings. Please choose the amount that is fitting for your income level. Please do this on the basis of your ability to pay for services, rather than on your ideal preferences. We do not discount service but we do subsidize if clients cannot afford the full fee. Current fees for individual work are: Full fee: $350 hourly or $450 for 90 minutes, Professional courtesy: $250 hourly or $375 for 90 minutes, scholarships can range from: $120 to full price hourly or from $225 up to full price for 90 minutes. Group fees range from $45-$90.

Financial Scholarship: If you are in need of financial scholarship for services, the center will work with you to find a manageable and appropriate price for services. Forms for financial scholarship are located under the Procedures & Policies section of the website.

Insurance: Although, we do not take direct insurance payments we do help you manage your own care. We provide invoices for all services which you can use to dialogue directly with your insurance about your care.

To Reach Us: Please fill out the form below or get in touch with us on the
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