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Weekend Workshops


Workshops Help Create an Optimal Life


Workshops on special topics bring people together to create a powerful learning experience about how to live your best life. 

Combining workshop exercises with live practice sessions creates the opportunity to learn more about the topic and to get unstuck in areas that has long been painful. Participants love working with others who also want to learn and go home feeling enriched by a lively day of talking and growing.

The Weekend Workshops

Join us to learn about topics important in the lives of all of us. Below is a list of topics from prior workshops

  • The meaning of money: Making sense out of dollars
  • The couples communication course
  • Thinking about money for families with high networth
  • Happiness
  • Resilience
  • Coupling for single adults
  • Active adult wisdom: The years from 45 to 80
  • Skillful loving: The intimacy and sexuality for couples
  • Lean on me: Eating control despite all odds
  • The physically and emotionally fit couple
  • Weekend workshops for advanced couples



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