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Dr. Judith Coche

It is Never Too Late : The Power of Love
For the first four years after Morton died, Lorraine could not imagine being partnered to anyone except her husband of 52 years. But she did long for a man in her life , so, this year she gathered her courage and asked me about online dating. With encouragement from her women’s therapy group, she joined AARP Dating, an online site for educated adults seeking to meet single candidates for relationship staging.
Three Tips for Happy Coupling
As some of you know, I just returned from Egypt where, among other things, I gave three talks for the public in bookstores. How to be happier is a topic of great interest. Dr. Martin Seligman, the chief architect of happiness in the field of psychology, is a fund of wisdom on happiness. Let's look at what he might counsel Jane, as she contemplates her situation.
This Above All: Uniquely You
“Do you really think my work matters to clients?  I am never sure. I am only 28 and have so little experience doing psychotherapy with clients.” Yoshi’s long dark hair framed her serious face. “ I wonder if I should just stay in teaching and research where I know I am trained to do the work.”
Helping Egyptians Pursue Happiness? Global Tips for 2017
I have just returned from Egypt, where I have given three talks in Alef bookstore branches in Cairo and Alexandria, 6-7 PM, January 17, 18 and 19 in the affluent neighborhoods of Kair Abdo, Mohandissin, and Maadi (http://alefbookstores.com)
Do you know any Emotionally Fit Couples?
Recently, husband John and I climbed out of our casually casual beach clothes and made our way to a charming seaside church in Avalon, NJ to attend the upbeat and moving funeral for our dear friend. Husband, Father, Pop-pop and world renowned otolaryngologist, Dr. John Tucker was accurately praised as a man of honor and deep accomplishment.
Writing What Matters Most: The Power of Legacy
As we celebrate holiday family traditions, many of us look back in time to childhood days when our parents seemed wiser than we could ever be. At these times I salute my dad, whose vision and courage supported his six siblings after his father died young, leaving him “head man” at 15.
Slinging Nasty Marital Arrows can Ruin a Great Day!
We got to thinking about how couples ruin their vacation while they are not looking. Does this sound all too familiar? We see it every day locally from folks who live here and folks on vacation. A couple comes to Wildwood for the weekend. She has been dreaming of going to go to the day spa, but knows he will not approve. He can’t wait to get on a fishing boat, but she has made it clear she wants to eat out every night.
Is Good Psychotherapy Worth the Investment?
I met Nick in 1998, when he was 55 years old. He informed me that he had been unhappy for most of the first fifty years of his life. His twenties were spent in a marriage that plummeted into divorce. For thirty years, he struggled to find the right woman, but nothing worked. In 1997 he met Barb who quickly became the love of his life. Nick and Barb married in 1998. The last 10 years have been the happiest in Nick’s lifetime.
Did Time Stop For You?
I recently visited with Maureen, my daughter’s childhood friend who gave birth to Fawn, a tiny beauty with porcelain skin and clear, searching eyes. Maureen and I are emotionally connected. Her high intelligence and kindness has enriched my life for nearly thirty years. A successful marriage has temporarily transported her to the West Coast, so I do not see Maureen often...





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